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Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Pretty Eggs"

Pansy posted this in response regarding his cooking method for the eggs in the photos.  They are not fried, but rather steamed in butter (how delicious is that?):

"hey katherine yer morran welkom for the fotoz they tranzlayte well in the blogosphere i dod wanna menshun the eggs aren't actually fried though for justa few moments thay do fry in the buttur but once the whites firm up around the outside edges i tayke some scalding hot water & very carefully add very small amounts all around makin shur notto pour the water on the uncooked egg whites once the mass of eggs begins to floppa bout i reduce the heat to very very low (on the stove top in the fotoz that would be about 1&1/2 to 2) place a lid over it all & tippit to let out the steam as the eggs slowly cook when the yolks turn white itz tyme to remove the eggs from the pan yummy my favorite nana who taught me this manner of egg cooking called these her "pretty eggs" my brothur & i still cook eggs this way & i shud add if the eggs are removed quickly much of the buttur remains in the skillit ps. the yolks should not be crumbly or dry dry yolks make me sad :("

And there you have it, from the poet himself.

Hermity Katherine

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